Stainless Steel Relining


Installing stainless steel liners is about using the correct alloy and thickness, correct sizing formula, insulating or not and most importantly who is doing the installation. Owner, Don Holocher has installed over 1,000 liners to date. Our company uses sizing charts for oil and gas chimney relines that tell us regardless of the number of total appliances venting into a liner what size to use.   We use heavyweight 304 stainless steel for wood stoves and fireplaces, heavyweight 316 stainless steel for coal stoves, lightweight 316 stainless steel for oil and lower efficiency gas chimneys, AL294-C stainless steel for high efficiency gas chimneys, lightweight 304 stainless steel for pellet stove inserts. All of our liners carry a manufactures lifetime warranty and in over 25 years we have had only a few liners fail.