Chimney Cleaning & Inspection



Our company Cleans wood, coal, pellet and gas stove chimneys, Oil and gas furnace/ boiler chimneys and dryer vents. Often ignored are chimneys that vent oil soot. This soot has a high sulfur content, that when mixed with condensation or rain produces sulfuric acid that will in time destroy terra cotta flue tiles and stainless steel Class A chimneys. Another myth is that pellet vents and stoves do not need to be cleaned and serviced. These stoves use positive venting and it produces a substantial fly ash build up in the coarse a year.  There is no National code for Chimney cleaning. N.F.P.A. 211 Standard (national fire protection agency) States  “ all chimneys need to be cleaned and or inspected at least once a year by a professional“.